The simple, solid, certified Kubernetes distribution that just works.


The simple, solid, certified Kubernetes distribution that just works.

Simple, solid and certified

We believe setting up and maintaining a complex platform like Kubernetes from scratch is not where the race is won. Just like with Linux, building it once is a good educational experience but not for real use. Kontena Pharos is a complete, maintained and certified Kubernetes distribution that works on-premises, on any cloud and beyond!

Easy to install, maintain and extend

Kontena Pharos is always up-to-date and built from the latest upstream Kubernetes, including a standardized set of essential features. It is easy to install and maintain with the dedicated CLI tool. The standard deployment may be extended with ready made add-ons for most common use cases, or any extras from the Kubernetes ecosystem!

100% Open Source, Support Available

The Kontena Pharos project and tools are open source and released under Apache 2 license. You can use it for free, for any purpose: personal or commercial. You can always find the latest version from our Github repository. For businesses, we offer commercial subscriptions with support and SLA agreements.

Features at a Glance

The simple, solid, certified Kubernetes distribution that just works.


Kontena Pharos software is always free. Community support is provided via StackOverflow and the Kontena Pharos community Slack channel free of charge. For enterprises with production workloads, Kontena offers commercial support, consulting and training packages below.

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Support & Maintenance with SLA

While the Kontena Pharos software itself is free, we offer optional commercial support & maintenance with SLA for organizations building and operating business critical deployments. Contact us at for more information!

Standard Business Enterprise
Support for Kontena Pharos
Support for Kubernetes (generic)
Support Availability 9am - 5pm
9am - 5pm
24 hours a day
Response Time 1 business day 1 hour 1 hour
High Availability Deployment Support
Disaster Recovery Support
Price per node $1,800 / year $2,700 / year $4,050 / year

Consulting & Training Packages

Kontena offers consulting & training packages to boost and jumpstart your journey with Kubernetes. As the end result, you’ll have a future-proof Kontena Pharos deployment and the know-how for using, maintaining and upgrading it to new versions when needed. Contact us at for more information!

Package: Spark

$15,000 one-off price

Get up and running quickly with minimal setup, reference design architecture and introduction training. Ideal for any POC.

What's included:

  • Standard Kontena Pharos setup
  • Deployed to public cloud
  • Based on reference architecture
  • 8 hours of online training included
  • 30 days of support (business) included

Package: Nova

$35,000 one-off price

Get up and running quickly with customized architecture to fit your business needs on public cloud or on-premises!

What's included:

  • High availability Kontena Pharos setup
  • Deployed to public cloud or on-premises
  • Custom architecture to fit business needs
  • 2 days of on-site, in-person training
  • 30 days of support (business) included

Customization Options

Architecture Design 2
CI / CD Pipeline Integration
Monitoring Integration
User Authentication Integration
Additional Customization
+$1,500 / day
Additional On-Site Training
+$7,500 / day

The listed prices do not include sales or value added tax. 1 Sales to EU countries will be always in EUR. 2 Included in Nova package.

Sound alright?

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Kontena Pharos FAQ

What is Kontena Pharos?

Kontena Pharos is a simple, solid and certified Kubernetes distribution that just works. It is composed of the latest upstream Kubernetes with all the essential components delivering a robust foundation that works at any scale. It is open source under Apache 2 license and free for any purpose: personal or commercial.

What is unique about Kontena Pharos?

Unlike most of the existing solutions that simplify installation of Kubernetes on public cloud, Kontena Pharos works on any infrastructure: public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, bare metal or hybrid. It also features robust tools for updating and maintaining the system after installation. In addition, it is commercially supported with support that also covers the use of Kubernetes itself. And finally, unlike many competing solutions out there, it just works!

How does Kontena Pharos differ from other Kubernetes distributions?

Please see the comparison in the Kontena Pharos docs .

How does Kontena Pharos relate to Kontena's own solution?

Kontena has been developing its own container platform solution (including its own orchestrator) for running containers and micro services since 2015. The motivation for this solution has always been to empower developers to architect and run containerized applications with minimal effort on any infrastructure. This solution has been very popular and we feel we have nailed down the developer happiness factor.

At the same time, Kubernetes and the ecosystem around it has been growing to biblical proportions. Despite all of its issues, Kubernetes has been declared as the "winner" of container orchestration. While technically Kontena's own solution is almost on par with available features and provides superior usability, the ecosystem is strongly behind Kubernetes.

Kontena Pharos is the combination of developer experience you will find from Kontena's own solution and Kubernetes with its endless customization options and vibrant ecosystem. Kontena's motivation is still the same: empower developers to architect and run containerized applications with minimal effort on any infrastructure. With Kontena Pharos, we are now also able to deliver this experience to people in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Should I upgrade my existing Kubernetes deployment to Kontena Pharos?

If you are not 100% happy with your current deployment and feel Kontena Pharos can provide functionality or peace of mind that is not available to you with your current setup, we suggest you give it a try!

Will Kontena Pharos offer a web based management UI?

Many of you might be familiar with the Kontena Cloud web UI for managing container workloads. Over time, we plan to deliver this same experience also to Kontena Pharos users. For the time being, you can use the standard Kubernetes web UI that is easily available via the Kontena Pharos add-on.

What will happen to Kontena's own solution? How do you prioritize development?

Kontena's own solution (a.k.a Kontena Classic) is "feature complete". it has all the features and functionality we originally envisioned. It works for the purpose it was designed. We will keep updating and maintaining Kontena Classic but don't expect new features such as support for multiple container engines, namespaces or RBAC (just giving some examples) to be added to Kontena Classic. To be honest, most people don't even need these features. Depending on your use case, there might be no real benefit for switching to Kontena Pharos (or Kubernetes in general).

As mentioned in the Kontena Pharos announcement blog post, we see Kontena Pharos as the spiritual successor to Kontena Classic. Kontena Pharos will continue from where Kontena Classic ends. The core features you'll get are mostly coming from the Kubernetes open source project or the ecosystem around it. While we are part of the Linux Foundation and CNCF that oversees the Kubernetes project, we are not in the driver’s seat. Nobody is. All the core features you will get are the result of the Kubernetes open source project which is a 100% community effort.

How can I find out more?

Please contact us at for more information or if you have any questions not covered in the FAQ.