License Management

Kontena Pharos OSS version is 100% open source and available for free under Apache 2 license. There is no license management features in this version. Kontena Pharos PRO version is commercial and made available under Kontena License. It comes with built-in license management.

How does Kontena Pharos PRO license management work?

You can use Kontena Pharos PRO version free-of-charge for evaluation purposes. The evaluation is limited to 30 days, but in case you will require more time to evaluate, please contact please contact

After the evaluation period (or in case your license will expire) your cluster will be iceboxed. It means that Kubernetes controller manager and scheduler components will be shutdown and no deployments and scheduling is possible anymore. To solve the issue, user must assign a valid license to your cluster.

Buying a License

To buy Kontena Pharos PRO licenses, please contact

Assigning a License to Kontena Pharos cluster

All Kontena Pharos licenses are visible at Kontena Account service. To assign the license to the cluster, user need first to obtain the license key from Kontena Account. Then user can assign the license with Pharos CLI tool and execute pharos license assign command and enter the license key. Alternatively, the license key can be entered on Kontena Lens dashboard.

Note: User can assign the same license only to one cluster at a time. To transfer the license to other cluster user must unassign the license at Kontena Account before assigning it to a new cluster.

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