Kontena Pharos Editions

Kontena Pharos is made available with open core licensing model:

  • Kontena Pharos OSS is the core version and contains all essential features for taking full advantage of Kubernetes at any scale, on any infrastructure. It is 100% open source under Apache 2 license. You can use it for free, for any purpose.
  • Kontena Pharos PRO is based on Kontena Pharos OSS, but has more features and advanced functionality. It is commercial, but you can evaluate it for free, as long you need!
License Apache 2 Kontena
Certified Kubernetes
Enhanced Security
Support for x86-64 & ARM64 Architectures
Docker & CRI-O Runtimes Available
Pod Security Policies
Cluster Firewall
Automatic Host Security Updates
Rolling Cluster Updates
Kontena Lens
Kontena Backup
Kontena Storage
Kontena Network Loadbalancer
Kontena Universal Loadbalancer
Air Gapped Setup

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