Addon: Kontena Universal Loadbalancer

Kontena Universal Loadbalancer is a load balancer service implementation for Kubernetes. It can work in any environment which makes it suitable for many use cases. And it's super light-weight too. It is implemented as an operator that reacts when it sees type: LoadBalancer services in the cluster.

  • version: 0.1.1
  • maturity: alpha
  • architectures: x86-64, ARM64
  • available in: Pro


Kontena Universal Loadbalancer exposes in-cluster LoadBalancer services as node hostPorts using DaemonSets. The operator naturally also syncs the addresses for the services. This essentially makes the LoadBalancer type services behave pretty much like NodePort services. The drawback with NodePort services is that we're not able to use additional components such as ExternalDNS and others.

Kontena Network Loadbalancer is built on top of Akrobateo.


    enabled: true

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