Addon: Kontena Backup

Kontena Backup provides unified and simple tools to backup cluster resources and persistent volumes. Kontena Backup is built on top of Ark.

  • version: 0.9.6+kontena.1
  • maturity: beta
  • architectures: x86-64
  • available in: Pro


  • Backup cluster resources
  • Restore Cluster resources from existing backup
  • Schedule backups


    enabled: true
    cloud_credentials: /path/to/aws_credentials
      bucket: pharos-backups
      region: eu-central-1
      # s3_force_path_style: false
      # s3_url: ""
    # gcp:
    #   bucket: ""


  • cloud_credentials - The path to cloud credentials used when storing the backup artefacts to configured object storage. See cloud credentials for details.
  • aws - Configure backups to be stored in AWS S3 buckets or in S3 compatible object stores (e.g. Minio, Wasabi, etc.)
    • region - The region of the bucket
    • bucket - Name of the bucket. Kontena Backup addon will also automatically create & use <name>-restic bucket to store persistent volume backups
    • s3_force_path_style - Set this to true if you are using a S3 compatible storage service other than AWS itself
    • s3_url - You can specify the S3 URL here for explicitness, but Ark can already generate it from region, and bucket. This field is primarily for other storage services like Minio.
  • gcp - Configure bacups to be stored on GCP object storage
    • bucket - Name of the bucket. Kontena Backup addon will also automatically create & use <name>-restic bucket to store persistent volume backups

Cloud Credentials


Kontena Backup addon expects to see the AWS credentials file in the following format:


Make sure the credentials used have proper IAM roles to allow it to access the configured bucket.

See more details at


You can create the needed credentials by using:

gcloud iam service-accounts keys create credentials-ark \
    --iam-account $SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL

Make sure the service account used has proper roles & permissions to use the configured bucket.

See more details at

Working with backups & restores

Note: You need to have cluster admin privileges to work with backups and restores.

Kontena Backup addon comes with a special "toolbox" pod that has all the needed tools pre-installed. You can find the pod name using:

kubectl get pod -n kontena-backup

To be able to use the tools you need to exec into the toolbox pod using:

kubectl exec -n kontena-backup -ti  toolbox-6dfd9dc755-78s75 bash

Replace the toolbox pod name with the one in your cluster.

On-demand backups

Once executed into the backup toolbox pod, you can use ark backup ... commands to work with on-demand backups.

For example to take a backup of everything in a namespace called my-namespace you can issue command:

ark backup create my-backup --include-namespaces my-namespace

To see details and status of a backup use

ark backup describe my-backup

See more information at

You can also customize the backup proces by using hooks as Pod annotations. These allow you e.g. to make sure that the app is in consistent state before the volume backups.

Scheduling backups

Kontena Backup addon enables you to schedule backups using ark schedule ... commands.

For example to create a daily backup use:

ark schedule create my-backups --schedule="@daily" --include-namespaces='*'

The --schedule option uses "standard" 5-field cron syntax.

See more information at

Restoring backups

To see the list of existing backups use:

ark backup get

Once you've identified which backup you want to restore, use:

ark restore create --from-backup backup-1

See more information at

Backing up persistent volumes

Kontena Backup addon comes with pre-integrated Restic. Restic allows backing up and restoring Kubernetes volumes.

To include volumes into backups you need to annotate the pods to include their volumes into backups. For example:

apiVersion: v1
 kind: Pod
   name: sample
   namespace: foo
   - image:
     name: test-webserver
     - name: pvc-volume
       mountPath: /volume-1
     - name: emptydir-volume
       mountPath: /volume-2
   - name: pvc-volume
       claimName: test-volume-claim
   - name: emptydir-volume
     emptyDir: {}

This would make both pod volumes to be included in the backup. Naturally during restore, Kontena Backup addon will restore the volume contents too.

See more information at

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